Self Acceptance

Who else struggles with self acceptance?

I feel like I'm the only one, but I know I can't be. As I write about this, it actually scares me. Because I'm thinking if I can't accept my flaws why should someone else. Yet, another thought comes to mind; isn't unconditional love accepting someone as they are and accepting the things they can't about themselves? I think it is.

I'm an emotional person. I get really hard on myself when I've messed up. I feel unworthy. I feel unwanted. I'm a crier. I withdraw. I need a lot of assurance - words of affirmation. I HATE these things about me. But I want someone else to love these things about me. Is it madness? I think it could be madness if I'm not willing to give the same I require. But I am willing. Very much so.

I'm fragile.

And if you are too, I just want to tell you that it is okay. Some may say we are insecure and even if so just know that we are all built different. It's our differences that m…

Have a little Hope.

My definition of hope is so broad yet at the same time is narrow. 

Hope, translates as faith.  It is the act of believing in, or for something beyond reasonable doubt. The Bible tells us that Faith is the substance of things 'hoped' for, the evidence of things not yet seen. So the two essentially go hand in hand. Your feelings or thoughts of hope won't stand if you don't have the faith to believe, what you are hoping for. 

Having hope is an essential tool in life that we definitely all need but often times lack. And we lack it, because our foundation of faith is either shakey or non existent. And this can be a result of past experiences or even things we were taught or believed during our upbringing. The funny thing here is, that faith can take years to build and perfect. Whereas hope doesn't. Yet you still can't separate the two. 

The building blocks of faith are numerous. Life challenges are sure to contribute tremendously to your faith. The more you overcome ch…

What are you doing for the poor?

The title of this post will really have you thinking, should you take a minute to seriously ponder on it.

In 2014  I use to buy additional non - perishables when I was doing my grocery shopping. The reason behind this was a need to give to those who had less than me. I would keep these perishables in the boot of my car and every morning or afternoon as I left my house, I would say a simple prayer. "Lord today set those on my path who I need to bless with this food". And every single time He would. Wether it was a beggar by the road or someone dishevelled and destitute walking by, I would stop to bless them.  Sometimes it would be the security lady or man at my complex that I felt could use the extra. The point is, there was always someone to bless.

I live by Christian principles..... as much as I possibly can. Every beginning of a new year I take a couple of days to fast and pray and try to set the tone for the year ahead. On the 1st day of fasting this year I felt in my hea…

First Post - What to expect.

So I know blogs like these have become so cliché. It's almost as if every girl who has something to say about something has a blog nowadays. Yeah, I'm one of those girls. :)

First off, I would like to inform all the readers who will float with eager (maybe judgemental) eyes over the pages of LiveBetterLoveBetter, don't correct my grammatical or spelling errors.  Unfortunately I do not hold a Masters in English Lit or any of the sort. What I do possess though, is a pure heart, a little sense of humour and a desire to do good in this world we call ours, and inspire others. So if you get the jist of what I try to bring across in each post, let that be enough. It's really not about Wether I have all my commas and fulltsop's in place. I'm hoping it may be much more than that to you.

My blog will focus on things I'm passionate about, inquisitive about, with a dash of wisdom from all the lessons I've learnt throughout my life. And I hope this will be a life lo…